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Bassano del Grappa

Shopping in Bassano

It is a pleasure for a tourist but also for an inhabitant to walk around the centre of Bassano, among historical monuments, little squares and hidden alleys. Every way, little or big, preserves style and tracks of the millennial history of the city. Under the arcades if it rains or outdoors during the summer you can walk in the safety of the pedestrian area that covers almost the entire center. The landscape is breathtaking: Monte Grappa on the background, the crenellated walls, the famous bridge, the squares. Commercial offer is complete, there are old and historical workshops, elegant and tasteful shops where customers are welcomed courteously, taverns to find the flavors of the past and new bars where you can have a fast lunch. The background music is that of the river flowing, of the people talking, of the children playing. All this is part of our culture, of our being Italians and it can never be replaced by an aseptic mall where all flavors are equal, the light of the neon is the same all the year and background music cover every word. Those who, like us, has the great gift of living in a magical place, he shouldn’t choose to close himself in a mall, he shouldn’t deprive himself of a walk outdoors and enjoy the thousands of initiatives involving the center: markets, fairs, exhibitions, white nights, concerts. Come to Bassano and we are certain that you will agree with us.

The city of Bassano del Grappa

Written sources confirm the existence of a first real core of the city in 998 with the parish church of Santa Maria in Colle and, in 1150 with the castle. In 1404 Venetian domination reaches Bassanodel Grappa. The four centuries of domination by Venetians takes to Bassano a long time of peace, characterized by a great development of economic activities. In 1796 Napoleon’s victory over the Austrians marks the beginning of a tumultuous period. When the Republic of Venice falls down, the democratic governments of the municipalities settle. Then, the Treaty of Campoformio enshrines the passage of Bassano to Austrians who are setting up to 1805 when Veneto is transferred to the Kingdom of Italy. In 1815 Bassano becomes part of the “Regno Lombardo-Veneto”. Another tumultuous period arrives and in 1848 Austrians take another time the city. In 1866 Austrians are defeated and after a few days Italian troops enter in the city and Bassano become part of Italy. During the First World War Bassano is a war area for all the conflict, so all the commercial and social activities don’t work. Between 1922 and 1945 there is a period of great development where born medium and small industries and various craft and commercial activities. So nowadays Bassano is a city of 40000 inhabitants.

Old Bridge

The old Bridge, known also as Ponte degli Alpini, is the main historical and touristic center of the City. The presence of the bridge on Brenta river is documented for the first time in 1209. In the centuries the Bridge was often destroyed by wars and river flood but it has been always rebuilt, sometimes with stones some others with wood. In 1569, the Council appointed Andrea Palladio to design a wooden bridge. The Palladio’s bridge was destroyed by a flood in 1748 and was rebuilt with some variations in 1751. Bombed during the Second World War, it was rebuilt by Alpine to which it owes its name.

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